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Special Precision Cutting tools

Special Precision Cutting Tools

Professional Tool Grinding (PTG) manufactures special precision cutting tools for industrial and medical applications including special endmills, step drills and reamers, carbide tipped cutting tools, form and back spotface cutters, surgical and dental cutting tools.

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PTG cutting tools are used in high-tech industrial applications, including aviation, automobile and medical industries. Since PTG specializes in SPECIAL TOOLS, we are manufacturing new tools all the time to exacting customer specifications.

Jet engine turbine
Jet engine


State-of-the-Art Grinding Equipment
PTG continually invests in new equipment to provide our customers with the best possible cutting tools to manufacture precision machined components for mission critical systems.
Walter Heltronic Mini Power
Walter Helitronic Mini Power
High volume small tool grinding providing shorter axis travels and therefore even faster cycle times on small tools.
Walter Heltronic Vision
Walter Helitronic Vision
The most universal, versatile 5-axis tool grinder providing fast and precise tool manufacturing with tool accuracy in the range of +/- 5 microns.
For repeatability and accuracy within 1.4 microns (±0.000,03”). as required for aerospace, PCD and other high tolerance tools, including turbine and woodworking cutters. Inspects tools up to about 8” in diameter and 12” long (200 x 300 mm).
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